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Seeking New Businesses Over the Horizon

Seeking investors in a sea field with potential targeted business partners !

Thank you for checking into this blog! Today, I’d rather want to stay home, but by with the strong influence of my colleague, along with Francis, who is the managing director of Halohalodeals, we walked the streets of Cubao to find our merchants. We first dropped at Ali Mall where we had to talk to one of our first prospects.

Earlier, we went to Quirino General Hospital to received a check for his friend, and then I joined him because he told me that we proceed to downtown Cubao for the look out on new tie-ups with our discount deal site and group buying website, Halohalodeals (www.halohalodeals.com).


After we got the check, we started the inevitable, to find merchants in Cubao- Ali Mall. Here we had a couple of shops but mostly they are into the salon, clinic, spa, massage businesses. There were also restaurant whom we tried to convince to join in partnership with our business. There’s one clinic that caught our eyes. CaretoBare, the owner a Korean businessman, who just launch the spa this season. The receptionist gave us the contact info of their sales and marketing person.


When we got hungry and tired, we went out for lunch at Mang Inasal. Oh I just love grilled chicken there. One of  my favorite dish here is PM2 which is quite affordable, now it cost P105 but I remember years back, they only offer it at P99. Still with the current price, its like munching on  food bought through deal sites. We had a good one with that lunch.


By:Richfield Flores

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