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RIP – Cory Montieth

RIP-Cory Montieth

Cory Allan Michael Montieth was a Canadian actor and singer, who is also known as Finn Hudson in the TV series Glee. He was born on May 11, 1982 in Calgary, Canada.

It was one shocking night when I read my feeds on my Facebook about Cory Montieth. I was not really sure about his name but when I research about him, I discovered that he was my favorite character in the movie Final Destination.

I regret,  he died so young short of experiencing to have a family with his long time girl, Lea Michele. They were told to be preparing to be married, and settle their engagement after two weeks. Now her girlfriend and his family with this sudden turn of events, are preparing for  his funeral.

Based on my research about the cause of his death, the reason is  drug overdose, as he had been treated for drug addiction when he was 19 years old. The police officer in Vancouver found him in Pacific Rim Hotel, and would not tell about the real cause of his death. Many missed him because of his lovely and romantic voice, and also he is a very good actor. Goodbye Cory! We will never forget you – is all I can say. And for her girlfriend, Lea Michele, that she would stay stronger in this time of grief.



By:Richfield Flores

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