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P999 Milk Rebonding + Hair Cut, @ Asian Clinic, Makati (Valued @ P4000)www.halohalodeals.com

The Milk Rebond treatment takes bushy curls and de-stresses them with the moisturizing power of the calcium-y liquid, making them silkier and more lustrous.

Rebonding is the perfect chemical treatment that makes hair straight, sleek and shiny. The cream/relaxant that is used in rebonding breaks the hair structure and reconstructs the natural bonds to make it straighter.Milk Rebonding extracts essential proteins and minerals from farm fresh milk to keep hair healthy. Without the use of any harmful chemicals, which is typical of normal rebonding, the milk protein straightening solution consists of nearly 80% milk. The other 20% consists of other hair and scalp friendly additives that combine to make the entire formula – 100% safe and delicate Milk Rebonding.

Smooth and shiny hair! Halohalodeals Promoted a Big Discount for MILk Rebonding +Haircut, for only 999 ,You SAVE 75%.


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