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Philippine Group Buying Sites, Two Years After

Halohalodeals Group Buying Site

The list goes on and on. Business as usual. One of the things that went ahead of its peers in business entrepreneurship, is the group buying phenomenon. Today, there have been like 60 inactive sites out of the 90+ group buying sites that existed since 2010. There is no stopping the trend, even if there were players who op-out of the game already. The leverage that this online business gets from its merchants outweigh the risk of investment. The year 2010 saw Buyanihan months ahead on its online and email marketing blitz. Then first quarter 2011 came Metrodeal, Ensogo, Cashcashpinoy along with the others who followed suit.

On June 2011, Halohalodeals (www.halohalodeals.com) was launched. There were offers from payment gateways like Mozcom and PayEasy but the management decided to use Paypal and over the counter bank deposits instead. Payment gateways charge a higher rate at 4.5%+ on every transactions. While with Paypal only a 2.9% surcharge is imposed and a credit card options is also available. And so for two years, Halohalodeals, maintained its operations without having to incur a chunk of its payment gateway costs. Another factor that may contribute to the shutting down of some group buying sites is the cost to maintain its server and hosting expenses. Halohaldoeals is also owned by Kibihost (www.kibihost.com), a domain registration and hosting reseller group.

Cutting cost on your hosting, a major component of any online organization, is paramount. And so since Halohalodeals does not cost much on the hosting side and other server requirements, it naturally survived. I was telling one of the merchants, I had met back in 2011, that for as long as the hosting is sustained by Kibihost along with social networking and advertising schemes, for Halohalodeals, the show will go on. The first deal that got noticed was the first deal on gadgets. The Transcend 2gb Jetflash got noticed by a blogger and words caught on as it sold for P150 only. Soon Redtag, owned by Summit Media, called and had the deals syndicated on their site. Other deal aggregator sites such as Dealies.ph and others also featured the same. As of this writing, there are about 30+ active group buying sites in Metro Manila opening doors of opportunities for business establishments and giving the Filipino a taste for discounts and promos and a great deal of savings for their hard earned money.

List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines

RECOMMENDED Philippines Group Buying Sites:

Cash Cash Pinoy Deal Amigos deal amigos List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines
Deal Dozendealdozen List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines Deal Grocer deal grocer List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines
Deal Spot deal spot List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines Deals Di Ba dealsdiba List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines
eBay.ph Kuponan ebay kuponan List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines Ensogo – Living Social Philippines ensogo List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines
Gupo gupo1 List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines Halohalodeals halohalodeals List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines
My Deluxe Citymy deluxe city List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines Metro Deal metro deal List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines


Other ACTIVE Philippine Group Buying Sites

  • A-Deals: www.a-deals.com
  • AtCrazy: www.atcrazy.com
  • Bilmoko: www.bilmoko.com
  • Budget Pinoy: www.budgetpinoy.com
  • Cheezy Deals: www.cheezydeals.com
  • Deals Tent: www.dealstent.com
  • Groupon (Beeconomic): www.beeconomic.com.ph
  • Halo-Halo Deals: www.halohalodeals.com
  • Local Roam: www.localroam.ph
  • Pinoy Great Deals: www.pinoygreatdeals.com
  • SMAC Deals by SM: www.smacdeals.com
  • TCAT Philippines: www.tcat.com.ph

INACTIVE / CLOSED Philippine Group Buying Sites

  • 500 Peso Deals: www.500pesodeals.com
  • Awesome: www.awesome.ph
  • Bargain Hunter: www.bargainhunter.com.ph
  • BestDealPH: www.bestdeal.ph (merged with My Deluxe City)
  • Big Deals: www.bigdeals.com.ph
  • BilibDeals: www.bilibdeals.com
  • Brieo: www.brieo.com
  • Buyanihan: www.buyanihan.com
  • Catch The Deal: www.catchthedeal.ph
  • Cheapipay: www.cheapipay.com.ph
  • Citypoynt: www.citypoynt.com
  • Clever Buy: www.cleverbuy.com.ph
  • Couppie: www.couppie.com
  • Crazy Deals: crazydeals.ph
  • Cuponz: www.cuponz.com
  • Daily Deals Asia: www.dailydealsasia.com
  • Deal Avenue: www.dealavenue.ph
  • Deals Happy: www.dealshappy.com
  • Deals and Steals: www.dealsandsteals.com.ph
  • Discounts PH: www.discounts.ph
  • Discount Pilipinas: www.discountpilipinas.com
  • Discount World: www.discountworld.ph
  • Group Treat: www.grouptreat.com
  • Go Deals: www.godeals.ph
  • Eats Okay: www.eatsokay.com
  • E-Deals To Go: www.e-dealstogo.com
  • eSariSari: www.esarisari.com
  • eTreet: www.etreet.com
  • Filodeals: www.filodeals.com
  • Groupie Philippines: www.groupie.ph
  • Healthy Deals: www.healthydeals.ph
  • HighLife: www.highlife.ph
  • JuanderDeals: www.juanderdeals.com
  • Kids Agogo: kids-agogo.com
  • Lucky 7: www.lucky7.ph
  • Max Saver: www.max-saver.com.ph
  • MasaDeals: www.masadeals.com
  • Mega Deals PH: www.megadeals.ph
  • MeloDeal: www.melodeal.ph
  • MuraIto: www.muraito.com
  • Must Have Philippines: www.musthave.ph
  • My City Counts: www.mycitycounts.com
  • My Shopmates: www.myshopmates.com
  • Nakamura Ka: www.nakamuraka.com
  • Pakyaw: www.pakyaw.com.ph (merged with Deal Grocer)
  • Plejee: www.plejee.com
  • Pilipinas Best Buys: www.pilipinasbestbuys.com
  • Pilipinas Deals: www.pilipinasdeals.com
  • Presyong Patok: www.presyongpatok.com
  • Random Box Deal: www.randomboxdeal.com
  • Salamat.ph : www.salamat.ph
  • Save on Pinoy: www.saveonphilippines.com
  • Snag The City: www.snagthecity.com
  • South Deals: www.southdeals.com.ph
  • Sulit Keni: www.sulitkeni.com
  • Tara Let’s Buy: www.taraletsbuy.com
  • TipidTo Deals: www.tipidto.com
  • Travel Smart Philippines: www.travelsmart.com.ph
  • Twangoo Philippines: www.twangoo.com/manila
  • Deal Savers: www.dealsavers.ph
  • Wishlist Delivery: www.wishlistdelivery.com
  • Wow Deals: www.wowdeals.ph
  • Winila City: www.winilacity.com
  • WinnerKa: www.winnerka.com
  • Yugadeals: www.yugadeals.com

(Reference: Fitz Villafuerte Blog )



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  1. I love these group buying sites & I love the concept in general. Been buying since few weeks and loving the savings already. Even used some as gifts since, I didn’t have time to go to an actual brick & mortar store. Hahaha!

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