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Pito-Pito (Seven of Seven)

Pito-Pito (Seven of Seven)
Pito-Pito (Seven of Seven)

Pito-pito(7-7). The name resonates thoughts of Quiapo, illness and the quest for health. Back in the mid-90’s in Manila, I often hear about this herbal recipe a number of times. It’s also a popular item for sale around Quiapo church. The usual thing that people do when in despair and driven by hope for a cure, is to resort for remedies from the ends of the earth. Now I have seen and witnessed for myself how people deal with diseases like cancer. Ate Ellen (not her real name) was one example. She was a good friend of mine and since she was told by her doctor that she has tumor on her throat, she endured the standard medications like chemo-therapy. But along with this, she switch diet from high-laden cholesterol and fatty foods to more of veggies and fruits.  The last time I checked, she survived. I lost touch with what happened to her at this time, and so when my Uncle Jun got diagnosed with stage two colon cancer, my attention to taking on the “greens” of nature came back to life.

Pito-Pito (Seven of Seven)
Pito-Pito (Seven of Seven)


Since my family moved from Manila to the eastern suburb of Cainta, where my uncle also live, I spend more time frequenting their place. Now it’s been 12 years already, and here comes this ordeal for Uncle. I was also into the green stuff these days since I got sick with pneumonia in 2011. I was losing weight and living-out alone, away from my parents back then. I went back to my parents house to recuperate. I guess, I was also stressed-out from working as a freelancer and a heavy load for a “one-man-show” routine on some online business.



While I tried vegies and fruits; deprived myself on canned goods and preservatives, and headed all that was suggested by Dr. Tim Brantley on his book “The Cure”, this is yet the first time I have ever fixed my sights on Pito-Pito.  This happened one afternoon visit to Uncle’s place, and he mentioned the concoction. I noticed he has gained weight in 3 months. I gazed around his garden and observed several herbal plants like Oregano, Pandan, Tanlad and Makabuhay. I asked him about what looked like a new herbal variety and this is the first time I saw it, and he said it’s Asilava. I couldn’t find it in Google at first, then it turned out to be Asitava. He said I can eat raw Asitava and I did. It tasted like guava.

Asitava (Plant of the gods)
Asitava (Plant of the gods)

He gave me cuttings of Asitava (plant of the gods) and it is now growing in our front yard. Asitava, uncle said, is good for hypertension and heart problems. Uncle has a massage therapist who regularly do reflexes on his muscles. Che, the masseur, scheduled me for a session. She came to my place one Friday for my whole body massage while my Tita brought with her a set of Pito-Pito (7 of 7 herbal elements). She said she had all that I need and I don’t have to buy in Quiapo except for Sapang which she doesn’t have. She got all those leaves from a neighbors’ garden and elsewhere. It’s everywhere!, she quipped.


Now its my turn to try it as I want to gain more weight. Che, who is also naturopatic, started giving me instruction on how to prepare it. Boil the leaves and drink from it every morning like taking coffee for breakfast. I was in Quiapo that day and she said I have to buy yet another tree called “Sapang” . Last Thursday, she was doing a massage on my hands,  and saw that my hands had veins coming out like varicose and she said its caused by fatigue. She suggested that I drink water from boiled Sapang.   I started this Friday til Thursday on the succeeding week. Sapang was my usual drink instead of water for the days that followed. I felt better.

Sooner, as expected, my Dad and Mom too started drinking Pito-Pito in the morning. Dad has been diagnosed with a not-so-normal prostate glands. He is having some problems with frequent urination day and night. His urine stinks and is always bothered on his abnormal sleeping cycle.

Although I haven’t Googled all about these herbals, I believed what I saw with the recovery Uncle Jun had. Also another uncle, Uncle Albert, who lives in Cavite, took the same earlier than us. My cousin told me, that the doctors were amazed when his creatinine levels dropped and was no longer advise to have dialysis. All of this as a result of religiously drinking from the boiled Pito-Pito.

Pito-Pito Recipe:

7 – Guava leaves
7 – Sambong leaves
7 – Guyabano leaves
7 – Pandan leaves
7 – Avocado leaves
1 – roll of Tanlad with roots
7 – 2 inches cuts of Makabuhay vine

Mix all ingredients and boil in a pot (preferably Palayok).
Serve every morning while warm just before breakfast.

Boil the same thing with Sapang with 3 chops of Sapang wood and serve while hot in between meals or as needed.

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