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Car Exterior Carnuaba Glaze Detailing Package at G’zox Detailing Pro, Metrowalk Pasig

How many times have you opened your car door and dashed for cover? It truly is embarrassing to have your car sport all those scratches, bird droppings, saps, bug splotches and watermarks as if they were insignia of a soldier from battle. Before people tag you as a neglectful car owner, make a badly-needed stop at the best car shop in town.

The next time you hit the street don’t let your ride look like the horror of every car owner. Turn to the pros and let them restore the x-factor of your auto with an Exterior Detailing Package at G’zox Detailing Pro, Metrowalk Pasig.

Famous for excellent service and Japanese technology, G’zox Detailing Pro Philippines is your one-stop shop for all your car needs. G’zox specializes in all the basics and vital procedures to preserving your car’s image from premium car wash, interior & engine detailing, wash & wax, buff & wax, tinting, seat cover installation, resins and weather strip coating, hyper-view or windshield coating, asphalt removal, odor or bacteria removal, to Hi-mohs, Quartz, Crystal, and a real glass body coating that can prevent scratches, swirls and small dents. Only G’zox can offer you top-quality products that can also be applied and do wonders on bullet trains, airplanes, yachts, boats, jet skis and motorbikes.


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