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Angry Birds USB-Flash-Drive-2GB




The Angry Birds became instant hits ever since they appeared on the scene. The market is flooded with Angry Bird merchandises. You get almost everything from toys to clothes – not only for kids but also for adults. Now comes along a brand new entrant in the list of Angry Bird merchandise – the Angry Bird USB flash drive key chains.


Angry Birds are well known for protecting their eggs from a pack of ‘evil’ green pigs. Now they will not only keep their eggs intact but will also help you keep all your data safe.

While playing the game you may have destroyed a lot of pigs to protect the birds’ eggs.

Now get one of the Angry Birds USB Flash Drives and start saving data. The attached key chain ensures easy hanging as well. With an Angry Bird staring at you the task of data transfer is sure going to be an all new experience.

Red Angry Birds USB Flash Disc 2GB is small style and fashionable. It is very hot now, and shock resistance, damp-proof and lighting resistance. It is Convenient to carry and Easy to read in high speed. 100% Brand New!

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  1. Wow! Looking forward to grab one Angry Bird USB, I’ll try to check it out in our local market. Oh how I wish to have one. Thanks for the article.

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