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Final Destination 5 Press Screening @ Glorietta

Thanks to Ronnie V. ( he’s got me a complimentary ticket for this), I got to sit next to him in the press screening of Final Destination 5 at the Glorietta theater… Ronnie is an editor for a songhits magazine, so over the years, he’s been in attendance in almost all of these kind of events. He’s got a friend Jay Gonzales, PR extraordinaire for Warner Bros. Pictures, Philippines, the film’s distributor. It’s a break for the first time in many months of lull. Not only is it a respite, but the whole theme of the movie lends a personal memory and some kind of a strange connection from the past. Most of the movie cast are new to me, so I did a Google to find more infos about the movie a day before. The film is to be shown on local theaters by August 24, so I hurriedly wrote this short review to catch up for the next day’s opening. I hope people will get to read this post before watching.

Final Destination 5
Final Destination 5
It was very engaging to see the stunts and the flow of the story what with its 3D presentation to keep you on edge every time something big happens. I haven’t used this thingy for years (3d glasses)… yes, years, and I also don’t go out that much to see a movie. Okay, the cast are David Koechner, Nicholas D’Agosto, P.J. Byrne and Ellen Wroe. Also joining the cast is Miles Fisher. The film is directed by Steven Quale from an Eric Heisserer script.

The fifth installment sees the new batch of victims, co-workers on a corporate retreat escaping the collapse of a city’s suspension bridge. Koechner is playing a clueless executive while D’Agosto, is playing a guy who doesn’t make fast decisions in his own life. Byrne on the other hand plays an obnoxious kleptomaniac, and Wroe plays the daughter of a company executive, a woman with gymnast training who is a little snobby and for whom everything is a contest. Tony Todd is back as Mr. Bludworth.

The Cast, Final Destination 5
The Cast, Final Destination 5

In the movie as in real life, I confess that I myself had escaped harm’s way three times, not necessarily cheated death and died afterwards as what happened to the eight characters in the film, thank God.
I remembered myself almost drowning when I was 19 years old back in Duawon Resort in Mactan during a college excursion. Romeo, a friend of mine about 200 meters away swum to my direction and saved me while I was gasping for air and taking in so much sea water. Second, we were on a plane to Tacloban (I was 23), and there was inclement weather. Good thing the pilot diverted the flight to Cebu. And thirdly, on our way to an island in Tubigon, our boat had to negotiate waves as tall as a 3-storey building, but it was relief when were able to reach shore unscathe. I was really thinking it was going to be my last. All of these came to mind while I was watching the movie, and I even told Ronnie that there where times when riding the LRT from Santolan to Recto, and passing through the subway to Katipunan station, I had flashes coming through my mind the possibilities that could happen if an earthquake suddenly strikes while a train is nearing the subway station. We would all be doomed. All that has happened is, I believe, an escape from harm and not cheating death, as I felt that phrase had bad connotations. I have a strong faith in divine intervention, that I couldn’t be in the same location moments before that tragic event takes place. But just like in the movie, a very clear and strong premonition by Sam Lawton (Nicholas D’Agosto), didn’t even put a happy ending. I was expecting that he will survive, but in the end all of them lost their lives including his girlfriend Molly (Emma Bell) who was supposed to be spared in Sam’s mental trance. Nonetheless I pretty much enjoyed the movie. The ticket is free after all, and the fact that it is a press screening added to the interest as well. I have been looking around for a niche or a place to write about movies, and make a short review.

Going home, we passed though Ortigas Ext. going to Cainta. It was at this time that it dawned on me… passing underneath those large concrete slabs of the skyway over C5 and Ortigas Extension reminded me so much of the first major scene in the Final Destination 5 movie. Well, life and death are absolute subjects which are not within our realm to foretell as mortals. I wish to write on another subject about death as I had a lot of issues about it. Yes, just the subject about death is interesting enough as it’s a taboo, and many wouldn’t even dare to delve on it. I have a friend who has cancer and just the thought of hearing the prognosis from the doctors scares her. When death seems clear and it was even made visually revealing with Sam’s precognition of the disaster, the initial reaction is to keep yourself out of it. It’s normal and it’s called self-preservation. The $45 million-budgeted film speaks a lot about down-to-earth realities and one that is quite thought provoking. I don’t classify this movie in the horror genre but a stunning display and screen interpretation on the subject of human nature.

Note: Final Destination 5 will run on Metro Manila movie theaters starting August 24, 2111



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