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Eight Tips to Increase Height

Here are eight tips to increase your height with a brief review of each height increase methods:

Healthy lifestyle

  • Eat healthy foods with a balanced nutrition. Find out more here
  • Exercise a lot especially type of exercise that can lengthen the muscle like swimming, cycling, basket ball, etc.
  • Sleep well at least 8 hours everyday
  • Don’t smoke and stay away from people who smoke
  • Don’t take illicit drugs and don’t drink alcohol
Natural Ways to Grow Taller, Height increase insoles

There’s no guarantee that you’ll gain height by living healthy since many factors might affect your body height. If you’re still on your puberty phase, the successful rate is higher than if you’re an adult. But becoming healthful is a great thing, anything you obtain from the process should be considered as an extra bonus, included your body height increase. This is one of the best ways to grow taller naturally.

Exercises to increase height

Try search for “grow taller exercises” or “stretching exercises to increase height” in Google and you’ll get plenty of websites that provide free stretching exercises to increase height. The movement in the exercise is specially designed to lengthen human body. The exercise might help in improving your body height. Although the effectiveness of the exercises to increase height is not known yet, it won’t hurt to give it a try. You can also learn more about exercises to increase height in these article: (1) Height Increasing Exercises to Make You Taller; (2) Hanging to Increase Height.

Height Increase Shoes

For an instant and temporary increase of body height you can wear height increase shoes (often called elevating shoes). It can add up to 4 inches to your height. You can easily find elevating shoes that suited your need in many shoe stores. Nowadays, the model of elevating shoes has improved so much that most people won’t notice the existence of the hidden height increase insoles in your elevating shoes.

You can find out more about elevator shoes in this article.

Human Growth Hormones

Human growth is affected by human growth hormone (HGH). The hormone is given to children who might or do not grow perfectly. It’s given through injection. HGH injection must be prescribed by doctors because of the possible complications.

Mostly, oral products of HGH such as pills, spray, or powders is not effective and have no effect on height since HGH will be broken down by stomach acids before it enter the bloodstream. Think again before buy any of these products.

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique was developed by the late F. Matthias Alexander. The technique teaches on how to become more aware about your balance and how you move.

Despite the effectiveness of the technique to increase body height is still questionable, but the fact that it can improve our posture is a positive thing since you often will gain some extra height after you improve your posture.

An Alexander Technique lesson lasts about 30 – 60 minutes and costs from $40 to $100, depends on the location, the duration, and the trainer experiences.

Pilates exercises to increase height

Pilates was developed by the late Joseph Pilates. Pilates help to increase height by improving one’s posture and causing him to stand taller. For people who fail to grow to their maximum body height, Pilates will be the right exercise to help them achieve the most out of their body by extending, strengthening, lengthening and stretching their body. Check out this article: Pilates as exercises to grow tall for more information about pilates and height increase.

Yoga exercises to increase height

Yoga is a very old regimen from India that promotes personal health, spirituality and wellness. It has demonstrated to help many people to stay in shape while simultaneously assisting them to live a healthy lifestyle. And when it comes to yoga and height increase, doing yoga does not increase one height, unless you’re still in your growth phase. Rather, it helps to stretch and elongate your spine, thus creates space and develops your spinal muscles. You’ll then hold yourself up more properly thus most likely look taller. Read further about yoga: Yoga Exercise for Height Increase

Height Increase Surgery

Height increase surgery is a set of procedure which is performed to allow the growth of the limbs. The cost of the surgery is not cheap, the risk is high and the whole process is long and painful. But since the height increase obtained from the surgery is very significant, many people decide to undergo the surgery. Learn more detail about height increase surgery here.

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