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Ways of Expressing Love on Valentines Day

One of the oft repeated truth about life is that it is incomplete without love. Love is one of the most wonderful and sacred emotions known to us human beings. It is an emotion that is prevalent throughout nature. It is an universal emotion. Most of us are not very good at expressing our emotions like love or liking. But, it is very important to be honest in relationships and tell someone that we love them. Occasions like Valentines day has made the ‘when’ fraction of it easy, now the only thing is ‘how’. To counter this we have devised various means of conveying our feelings to the people we love. SMS is an efficient way and the most reliable technology to be in touch with your near and dear ones. I would like to share my favourite SMS site for Friendship SMS. Some of these are:

Words: Whether written, spoken or communicated in any other method words are a very strong tool to express your innermost and heartfelt emotions. Words as a medium can be accompanied with some other more commonly used presents such as Red flowers or chocolates or teddy bears etc. It all depends on your nature too, you can either be a calm and unassuming person or someone who likes to pamper your loved one by giving lots of add ons with your love messages.

Art: Creativity in expression is considered very thoughtful by people in general. Love is a feeling that is an inspiration behind many skill works too. Artists have produced, crafted or painted their best when they were under the influence of the different emotions that accompany love. Some Valentines day gift thoughts which can be used to convey your love are art pieces like paintings, hand crafted figurines and decorative pieces. For sending SMS wishes on New Year, check out this Christmas SMS and Messages Site.

Music: Music imbibes all emotions known to us. Most of us love melody even if few among us understand it. There is no better way of conveying of your love than through this delightful medium of expression. Music is poetry in action, it has the power to convey a range of feelings that can be called love. From the heady feeling of dreamy love to the soulful sentimentality of motherly or brotherly love to the soothing coolness of spiritual love. Music can say it all.

Place: Planning a day or a few hours together with your loved ones on Valentine’s day helps in creating the wonderful mood for the occasion. You can decide a site that holds a special place in your heart to say the all important words ‘I Love You’. If you believe in spontaneity and simplicity while conveying your simple message, then too the place might become one of the reasons of the answer tilting in your favour.

Love is an inborn quality in all of us. No one needs to learn to love. But, many of us have either forgotten or have never been adept at the communication part of it. Even if the other person knows, conveying the feelings of love always help in making your friendship grow.

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