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Speed Up Your Computer

How to Speed Up Windows and Improve Computer Performance

With Windows Seven being so new, you wouldn’t really expect it to run slowly or with many problems… but many people are now finding that it’s a big problem that many people are having to put up with. Luckily, there’s a way to speed up Windows 7 so that you can use your PC in the best possible way.

The problem with most Windows 7 PCs is actually very simple – they run slow because they are trying to do too much. This doesn’t mean that you have too many programs open – it means that there could be a lot of junk files or corrupt files that your PC has to search through each time you use your computer. This is a big issue which even the most advanced computers cannot avoid, and hardly anyone knows about.

This problem is specific to a part of Windows called the ‘registry’, which is a big database that stores all the settings and information for your computer. The registry is a database which contains details such as your latest emails and even your desktop wallpaper for your computer, allowing your system to load up all sorts of information whenever you use it. The registry is basically the “memory” for Windows, and has been at the heart of the system since Windows ’98… however, it’s also the cause of your PC running slow because each time you use it, it’s saving a lot of these files in the wrong way, or in ways which make them hard to open.

The biggest reason why your PC is running slowly is because the files & settings it needs to read to complete a command are damaged and difficult to read. This causes your PC to take longer to process the various files it needs to run, making it appear to run slower. This problem is still a big issue for Windows 7 and is actually extremely easy to fix by using this secret trick. The trick that only a few computer experts know about, that will make Windows 7 run like new, is to use a ‘registry cleaner’ to clean out any of the damaged & corrupt settings inside the registry database.

The registry is not a very well known part of the Windows system, but is the most important & most likely to cause your computer to run slow. It is basically a central database for your computer, which stores vital settings and information that Windows always needs to use to run. The registry database is continually being opened and read to help your computer process your various commands & inputs… but it’s often the case that so many registry files are open at once that Windows will just get confused and save them incorrectly.

Registry cleaners are software tools that scan through the entire registry database and then fix any of the broken files that are inside it. These tools are highly effective at fixing a slow computer, and if you get a good one, it can make your computer run a lot faster. To make them work, you simply need to download a registry cleaner from the Internet, install it and then make it scan through your PC. It will then find all the bad files & problems that are slowing your PC down, fixing them and making Windows run faster.

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