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Panic Attacks – You Can Overcome Them

Do you suffer from panic disorder? If you live in constant fear of having a panic attack, you just might. If you’ve had several attacks and constantly worry about having another, you need to see a medical professional. Read on to find out why people have panic attacks and what you can do to cure them.

What is a panic attack? If you’ve experienced one before, you know exactly what it is. But it can be hard to understand if you haven’t gone through the experience and are trying to help a loved one. A panic attack is not dangerous but it is real. Out of nowhere comes an overwhelming fear. Your heartbeat is racing and you have difficulty breathing. You suffer from dizziness, nausea and are trembling, sweating and shaking uncontrollably. Your head is telling you that it’s not possible but your heart feels like it’s going to explode and you’re about to die or go crazy. It may seem like it will never end but the whole episode last about ten to twenty minutes.

Why do people have panic attacks? Those in the medical profession do not know the exact reason people have panic attacks When our body perceives danger, it reacts by either preparing to run away or deal with the situation. This is called “flee or flight”. When this happens we get a burst of energy, our heart rate increases and we breathe heavily. A panic attack occurs when this situation is triggered when there is no real danger.

It is widely believed that stressful life situations can bring about panic disorder. Events such as marriage, divorce or an addition to the family. Some people have panic attacks as early as 15 years old. Many people believe that stress and/or an poor diet can cause panic attacks. One of the best things to do to combat panic disorder is to eat a well balanced diet. Reduce the amount of caffeine consumed and get sufficient exercise to reduce stress.

As stated before, the key symptom of panic disorder is a persistent fear of future panic attacks. This fear can easily keep sufferers from performing their normal daily activities. For instance, if a panic attack occurred in a grocery store, the sufferer may start avoiding grocery stores for fear of another attack. Since we don’t truly know why people have anxiety attacks it seems reasonable to some to avoid certain places. But if left unchecked, this fear can develop into several different phobias. It’s very common for a sufferer to feel that the only safe place is inside the home and develops the fear of going outside the door. A cure for panic disorder must be found before the phobias get too far out of hand.

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