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Hyundai Cars

Hyundai Cars

Hyundai Motors India Ltd is the 2nd greatest and quickest expanding automobile maker in India. In this write-up, let’s have a seem at Hyundai’s stock.

The Hyundai Accent is a four-door vehicle that has a peppy engine and an added easy suspension for a great ride. It arrives with lavish interiors with a new a new upscale beige colour scheme. The gutsy engine delivers 93.7 bhp at 5500 rpm. A 5-speed manual transmission comes common in all 3 variants, Executive, CNG and LPG.

The Hyundai Getz Prime is a lot more modern-day than its predecessor, the Getz. The variants that we at the moment have are 1.one GLE, 1.1 GVS, 1.three GLS, 1.three GVS, 1.three GLX in petrol and one.five GVS CRDi in diesel. The one.3-litre petrol engine quite generously delivers 82 bhp and 116 Nm of optimum torque. The eRLX engine, nonetheless, delivers 66 bhp at 5500 rpm while the one.five-liter common rail direct injection turbo charged engine gives an output of 108 bhp at 4000 rpm.

The sporty hatchback, Hyundai Santro arrives with roomy interiors and serves as a quite good loved ones car. The vehicle is accessible in eight variants, XK Non AC, GL, GLS, GL LPG, GLS LPG, XK Non AC CNG, GL CNG and GLS CNG. All petrol variants carry a CNG kit. The one.1-liter In-line four engine in each LPG and petrol variants is packed with 62 bhp and also delivers wonderful mileage.

The new Hyundai Sonata Transform is an enhanced edition of the Sonata Embera. It is available as 2.four VTVT Petrol, 2. CRDi MT, and 2. CRDi AT variants. The dual-tone interiors add to the sophistication of the classy car. The petrol version arrives with a 2.4-litre MPFI 2nd generation Theta engine that delivers 173 bhp although the 2-litre engine in the diesel variant provides out 148 bhp. The vehicle comes with H-Matic automatic transmission.

The Hyundai Tucson SUV is an incredibly reliable high performer. In India, the SUV arrives as a single diesel variant and its engine, a refined 2.-litre turbocharged CRDi engine, arrives packed with 112 bhp and 245 Nm of torque. The 5-speed manual transmission enables crisp and exact shifts. The Tucson has ample space for passengers and their cargo.

The all-new Hyundai Verna arrives with chic exteriors and the interiors are loaded with the newest technologies. 1.six VTVT, one.six SX VTVT, 1.five CRDi VGT, and one.5 SX CRDi VGT are the function-rich variants that the mid-size auto is obtainable in. The large-finish diesel variant has an automated transmission and it is the 1st diesel automated vehicle in the segment. The powerful engine delivers matchless power.

The sub-compact segment car, the Hyundai i10, is accessible as 9 variants and has 2 significant selections, iRDE and Kappa. The D-lite, Era, Magna, and Magna O variants are equipped with a one.one litre engine and come in an array of colours. The Kappa can zoom from -100 km in just 12.eight seconds and possesses the ability of touching a high velocity of 165 kmpl. While the iRDE engine delivers 66 bhp at 5500 revs, the Kappa engine arrives packed with 79 bhp at 5200 rpm.

The Hyundai i20 comes arrives with a option of five petrol and three diesel variants. The 3 primary variants continue being Magna, Asta, and Asta (O). Even though the petrol engine pumps out 99 bhp, the 1.two-litre Kappa engine provides out 79 bhp. The one.4-litre 16V DOHC CRDi engine in the diesel variants, nevertheless, churns out 89 bhp. The Hyundai i20 positive has the contemporary and stylish look.

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