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90.7 Love Radio: No Borders

I knew I have to write about radio on the net. It fascinates me to think that this could all happen when some 15 years ago, in 1995 with my first taste of the net, it never occurred to me and that this is possible now. Anyway, anything and everything is possible nowadays with the birth of the Internet.

Love Radio 90.7 Now playing…

by E-Radio Portal

It’s easy to place a radio player on your blog. Here’s what you should do:

1. Go to E-Radio Portal

2. Find and click your favorite FM station

3. Click on View on your Firefox Browser

4. Click Page Source

5. Press Control + F on your keyboard

6. At the lower left corner, type “swf” and look for the highlighted code

7. Copy the entire code within the “div” tag

8. Paste it inside your post. Yes, that easy.

Don’t forget to click on Insert/Edit Embedded media and change the Type to either Shockwave, Windows Media or QuickTime. That’s it.

I noticed the difference though, in the actual radio broadcast from the streaming podcast. I opened my cellphone’s FM radio at the same time while my podcast is on. There was at least 2 seconds of delay.

Again I wish to see the day when the actual lines and vocal quality will match that on real time in zero seconds. Just the same, it allows me to bask in the usual humorous banter of the duo tandem of Nicole and Christopher.

Ronnie Liang at Love Radio

I always love to hear both of their fancy antics on air as their voices passes through optical lines in unlimited bandwidth all around the globe. With all these going around in one direction, one may ask what would happen if a global system such as the Internet could suddenly come to a halt. Is the Net running short on bandwidth? As of the moment, no one can tell and for as long as I hear Nicole and Chris online, the show must goes on.

This phenomenon of borderless media looming in the horizon gave breath and length one will never witness anywhere else other than the cyber way. Whether your out of town, in other countries or elsewhere, you can still experience the Balasubas-Balahura tandem. Nicole and Chris developed a niche of their own and actually had a very good number of followers and fans over the years, and I’m counting myself in.  The moment the start talking, you’ll easily get caught up in their conversation and jokes. It always comes out so natural for them to talk in satirical manner some of the stories they gather from their personal experiences. They also talk about feedbacks from listeners with some unrestrained off comments and make fun of them just like the way some of the local stand up comedians would do. Except that theirs is more guarded than the vocal style of comedians like Vice Ganda, et. al. when they gruelingly poke fun on some of their guests right on the stage.

For Nicole Eala and Chris Tsuper, more power to you. I’ll keep my ears wide open.

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