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Francis Magalona, And His Free Mind

My eyes were glued on TV on the news of Francis Magalona’s death at noon last Friday.  At first what I thought was just an ordinary showbiz program, was actually a tribute and series of talks about his celebrated life.  Just months after his illness was made public last year, I couldn’t believe he died and how seriously  acute myeloid leukemia could shorten one’s life.

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Francis’ life, lifestyle and vision is something to be reckoned with by the Filipino masses. His nationalistic spirit so mirrored in the music that he wrote is a stark reminder for all of us left behind. I could understand why former president Corazon Aquino paid tribute by going to his wake.  Aquino, who’s also battling against colon cancer, is aptly tied with Magalona in an advocacy for love of country, its culture and “kababayans”.

I started googling for Kiko’s name on the net. I found some very interesting discoveries about a man of my generation. Francis’ blog had registered to 4 million hits today and counting.   It was only a million less on Sunday. His popularity and following spawned such a large number of comments, encouragement to his family and condolences from Manila and from all over the globe as translated in his blog counter. From his Wikipedia bio,  I learned he was just  months younger than me, but he had left a mark on every faces of the Filipino psyche as a tangible monument of his ideals.

What is Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Wikipedia describes it as a  cancer of the myeloid line of white blood cells. As an acute leukemia, it rapidly progresses and is usually fatal within weeks or months if left untreated.

Patients seek medical attention due to ailment that may include fever, fatigue, and recurring infections, weight loss, night sweats, or bleeding.

Bone marrow aspirate showing acute myeloid leu...
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Acute myeloid leukemia is a potentially curable disease; but only a minority of patients are cured with current therapy. It is treated mainly with chemotherapy, although radiotherapy and biological therapy can play a role in certain scenarios. The goals of therapy are to relieve symptoms and put the leukemia into remission and hopefully cure the disease.

Francis M. is a class of his own. His idol Jose Rizal  wrote about the kind of stuff that most people seemingly deprived themselves of, that is capturing the hope and dreams of the young ones. Magalona did this through his music.

When his wife Pia was interviewed on TV, she was the face of a strong woman who had not given up on her hubby’s passion. It was evident that she had learned to portray a not-so- gloomy appearance under the circumstances. With the passing of his beloved husband and friend for twenty four years,  I can still see the smile of Francis in her when she talked about him.

“Kaleidoscope World”
Francis Magalona

Its pretty much unusual for a surviving wife to talk to the press the way she did with a smile on her face, but as she mentioned on the interview, this would have been his late husband wishes and would want her to be as they family were prepared to let him go.

Kabayan Francis M., Master Rapper, the Man from Manila you will be missed for a long time and beyond this generation.

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  1. the way you featured francis master rapper is most amazing! I truly enjoyed reading some bits and pieces infos bout him. Keep up the good work pal!

  2. Thanks Tes.. you know what? I’ve been telling you before you can have your own blog too… so you can speak your heart out! :) just let me know, let’s see how i could be of help. check out the domain/hosting plans i have at http://www.kibihost.com

  3. My wife told me that Tattoos were the cause of Francis’ cancer. I have Tatts too and my Mother and Father have both been hit by cancer. My thoughts of more art on my body has now been left in limbo. I am sad for anyone attacked by cancer and I hope he didn’t suffer. I will pray for his wife and family and will hope that his music lives on forever.

  4. Hi Graham,
    I did a research on the net about Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and found it’s rarely linked to tattoos. If your tattoo artist uses clean needles and ink there shouldn’t be any worry at all. What’s scary is if the artist does not always immediately autoclave his equipment in between clients who might be a carrier of a contagious illness. There’s no known cause when one gets sick with AML except maybe with cases derived from exposure to radiation, blood transfusion, sexual contacts and an early chemotherapy. So don’t panic.. I have tatts too, but I have second thoughts on my next one :)

  5. I was sudden when I hear his passing. I did not know he did a lot for the country. You really know a lot about him. Keep up the good work.

  6. hi i like your blog about francis m. me, i want to be a master rapper too but unlike Francis M. I want to be a Master Rapper with no disease. I’m too young to die.. LOLS!!, hehe.. But for me Francis M. is a legend! Hail to the master RaPper Francis M. Thanks Kibi

  7. Yo. Francis M. is a stand out! Thanks for the compliment. Did you already subscribe here? I will be posting some more in the coming days.

  8. cn u send some pics of francis m to me.. can you teach me how to optimized design in webpage.. someone refer me to you. thnks

  9. yo! ur blog was great man, i am a fan myself… he was a great man, an artist & a patriot… Francis M u will be remembered by many generations thru ur music, arts and for the man that you were… peace yo’ll!!!

  10. The style of writing is very familiar . Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

  11. No, haven’t done that. I just started this blog and I need ample time posting some more articles here. I hope you like my style of writing. Thanks for dropping by.

  12. Я слишком Tatts и моя мать и отец, так и пострадавших от рака.

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  14. i’m back. i have written about fracnis m in my blog as a tribute to him. i’ve listened to his greatest hits collection cd during his battle and defeat (or victory). i’ve watched the number of tributes on tv. all in an effort to erase the loss.yet i still yearn to see him perform live, sincerely smile, or write about peace.the pain remains the same. seriously, i cried for him. something i haven’t done in a long time.

  15. mary joyMarch 7, 2009 at 12:02 amHello po!!isa po ako sa inyongtagahanga dahil sa gainlg ninyosa rap!! nanghihinayang po kami dahil po sa inyong pagkawaladahil po sa mura ninyong edad nais ko po sanang iparating sa inyo na mahalpo namin kayo .mamimimis po namin kayo♥♥♥maraming salamat po talaga sa inyong kabaitan sa kapwaWE WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!

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