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American Idol, Behind The Scenes

The American Idol is a huge success on the entertainment business and Hollywood’s fame. Consequently large amount of revenue goes to  Fox, Sony BMG, the designated record label for winning American Idol contestants, and so with the CEOs of 19 Entertainment and Free Mantle Media.  As part of the deal, Fox reached an agreement in 2005, to keep Simon Cowell on the hit series for at least five additional seasons beginning with American Idol 5. Forbes magazine reported an average 28 million viewers on the show in 2008. This year it is projected to dominate the charts as it continue to take on a massive audience in the reality TV genre.

I’m a big fun of the show. I saw American Idol and how it has become as it is today. I watch it tonight and saw four judges.  I’d say, I like Kara DioGuardi, the multi-awarded singer/songwriter who was picked to be the fourth judge. She just fit in. She often gives a well-balanced and logical words on some of the contestants although at first, I thought she’d be an alter ego to Paula Abdul. But she turned out more of a tandem together with Abdul and Jackson all against Cowell’s almost monotonous sarcastic strides. DioGuardi is another quality “add-on” to the program who adjusted easily with the  time-tested trio of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. This resulted  in a broader level of outright remarks on the aspirants’ performances.

On the stage scene, there was nothing much new about the format. Its relatively the same with host, Ryan Seacrest at the helm. I think,  27 years old,  Adam Lambert is going to make it to the top and my prediction is that he’s going to get the coveted title of  American Idol 2009. I don’t know what your take is, but I watched him sing and was awed with every rendition. He delivers a  sharp, immaculate and piercing display of vocal power. What was distinct about him is the range by which he controls his tone and the perfect timing he worked through it.  I might be biased but you can help me find answers to who you think might win this years contest and why he or she deserves the title.

If you’re watching American Idol, who of the contenstants caught your attention and won your heart?  Tell me what you think via the comment box below.  Also keep yourself updated of the latest posts here and Subscribe to Kibi Journal.

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